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The who, what, where, why of EVOM.

Answers to all your frequently asked questions.

EVOM offers a wide range of logistical services including:

What does EVOM mean by One Call Service?
EOCE (EVOM One Call Service) means that one call to EVOM takes care of the entire management of the shipment. From pick up to delivery, up to and including, invoicing and scheduling/follow up on all appointments.

What is the EVOM 24 service?
The EVOM 24 is a service that provides the shipper with a copy of the proof of shipping Bill Of Lading (BOL) within a 24-hour window. EVOM 24 eliminates any possibility of OS&D.

Does EVOM offer warehousing services?
EVOM is a member of the AWA (American Warehousing Association) and has access to warehousing in 48 states. We can store and manage your freight and provide repacking, re-labeling and re-delivery services. EVOM has access to warehousing in 48 states through affiliated warehouse company (AWG) and Americold for temperature controlled warehousing.

What service does EVOM offer after hours?
We are there 24/7. Our after hours services include 24-hour emergency dispatch service and driver assistance.

What other logistics consulting services does EVOM offer?
    • Freight Management solutions.
    • Operations flow - Transportation assistance.
    • Routing / Compliance with retailers requirements.
    • Warehousing design / set up.
    • Transportation rating system.

How do I open an EVOM account?
Call our 800 # and speak to one our EVOM Problem Solvers

What is Freight Classification?
Freight class refers to the category of your freight as defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). Your shipment's freight class determines the carrier's shipping charges. It identifies the size, value and difficulty of transporting your freight.

Does EVOM ship to/from residences?
Yes. Many of our clients have employees that regularly ship and receive commercial shipments from their home office. Additional fees may apply.

My shipment arrived incomplete or damaged, what do I do?
First, you should notate the shortage or damages on the delivery receipt that you sign when your shipment is delivered.

The second thing you must do is notify EVOM of the shortage or damages. There are strict time limits within which to file a claim for loss or damage, so you will want to be sure that we are notified immediately. EVOM may be notified by calling our claims department at 877.306.EVOM (3866) or by sending an email to claims@evomlogistics.com You will want to be sure to include the shipment Waybill number and your contact information. An EVOM Problem Solver will contact you with instructions.

Third, in the event of damages - throw nothing away - keep everything, all inner and outer packaging materials and documentation. Depending on the amount of the claim or the commodity the claims adjuster may want to inspect the shipment packaging material and documentation.

Lastly, take pictures to support your claim. Even though you take pictures you may think that is enough for an insurance adjuster. Insurance companies are sticklers when it comes to paying out claims, so keep that packing material.

Does EVOM deliver on a specific date and/or a specific time?
Yes, this is EVOM's expertise. Standard deliveries are scheduled between the hours of 8:00am through 5:00pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). However, if you should need your shipment delivered on a specific date and or time please discuss your requirements with your EVOM Problem Solver (additional fees may apply).

Does EVOM offer specialized equipment like round-goose necks, flatbeds, and drop decks?
Yes. Through our extensive group of carriers, EVOM offers a wide range of equipment for multimodal shipments. Contact your EVOM Problem Solver today to discuss your specialized needs.

Will my shipment be insured using EVOM Logistics?
Yes. It is important to note, that carrier's liability coverage varies on a per shipment basis due to class and weight of freight. If you have questions about insurance coverage for a particular shipment, please call EVOM Logistics to verify the amount of applicable coverage.

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